HH4YS New Era 9

HH4YS New Era 9

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Suave Bill Goes on a rant about Gospel Hiphop to the point where it was split up into 2 parts!!!


Oldschool Pioneers
1. P.I.D.-In Jesus name we are..
2. Sean Slaughter-it's on now
3. ETW-can't fade the flow
4. Dynamic Twins-I ain't with it
5. D Boy-Gods House

GodzGang Radio
1. Pettidee-the head busa
2. Gods Greatest Gangsta-Gang Bangin
3. LG Wise-west coast riders
4. Godz Original Gangstaz-first Love
5. Big Unc-whuts we came for

Hot Tracks
1. Andy ... Más informaciones

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